Spotlight On: The Drake Devonshire Inn

Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario / 2 hours and 34 minutes from Toronto

Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario / 2 hours and 34 minutes from Toronto

The OG of PEC. 

Author: Chelsey Burnside

Photographer: Chelsey Burnside


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you've probably heard of the Drake Devonshire. The Drake Hotel and its various outposts (General Store, One Fifty, Commissary, et al) are basically to Toronto what The Ace Hotel is to the States—art-focused, unapologetically kitschy, and referenced to on a first-name basis (that is, until a certain rapper sunk his talons into the moniker). With their cool events, campy vibes and Instagrammable-everything down to the bathrobes (at the Drake Dev, they're terry hoodies), they're the anti-Marriott—and for those who've long eschewed big-box hotels in favour of boutique accommodations, they're the place to stay. 

So what can I tell you about Drake By The Lake that you don't already know? Well... 

- They have a new food truck on site with an exclusive[ly delicious] menu. There's also now a private hut facing the water where you can book a massage. 

- During the summer, the back patio, shoreline and surrounding lawns transform into a community hub where locals come for dinner spend the evening, playing shuffleboard, beanbag toss and tetherball.  

- It's hard to miss the giant floral signage that greets you when you drive into the Drake, or the 3D mirrored letters dangling from the trees over the creek. The artist behind them is Toronto's Trevor Wheatley (@treverferever on Instagram). 

- The Drake is known for its tongue-in-cheek touches (when we stayed two Valentine's Days ago, they left mini vibrators on the pillows). 


So, with that said, a few insider tips from those of us who've spent a good few nights cozied up in the Drake Dev's downy sheets. 

- If you're sensitive to sound, opt for a room further away from the restaurant and kitchen, especially if you're staying on a weekend. It's not terrible by any means, but events there can get live (throwback to New Year's Eve 2017, during which I vaguely recall 'helping' staff by carrying a tray of water glasses around the dance floor).

- It's easy to be tempted by the surrounding restaurants a quick walk away—The Courage Bar, Pomodoro and East & Main are all worthy contenders—but reserve at least one meal (or better yet, brunch and dinner) for the hotel itself. The county-centric menus and lakeside views are 50% of the reason to say at The Drake Hotel. Do steal away for a pint at the Midtown Brewery around the corner while you're waiting for a table, though.

- If you're going during the summer, bring bug spray. The Drake is right beside a creek, which tends to attract the skeeters in the summertime. 

- Sign up for their mailing list! The Drake Dev offers lots of solid packages that can get you more bang (i.e. bike rentals, picnic baskets, fishing fun, etc.) for your buck, and can make your stay extra-special if you're going for an occasion. 


- There are perks to staying on a weeknight beyond the cheaper nightly rate: generally, Mondays are games night (and $5 pints), Tuesdays are open mic night, Wednesdays are paint night and Thursdays are half-priced wine. There's also flow yoga almost every morning in the summer, and play readings once a week. Check this link to see what's on during your stay. 

- Save a few dollars by storing a bottle of the county's finest in your room. A standard tip for any hotel, but it's easy to blow your budget by the glass in Wellington (especially when everything is suddenly shuttered at 6pm or all day on Monday or Tuesday, which tends to happen in the county). 


Suffice it to say, we're forever fans of The Drake Dev. It was a trip to PEC a couple of years ago—and a stay in one of the Creekside Guestrooms—that inspired us to start Escape Toronto, and it just keeps getting better and better every time we visit. So, thesis: yes, it's worth the price for a night to remember (or not). Yes, it's that nice in person. And yes, you should take your girlfriend, because has she not hinted hard enough? 


24 Wharf St, Wellington, Prince Edward, ON K0K 3L0